About us

As with most people who visit the beautiful coast of Oaxaca, Francine Gadoury fell in love with this little stunning place on earth. 
It was in the beginning of 2018 when she first came in contact with the friendly people, the amazing nature, the jumping whales, the nice dogs, the climate and the liberty in so many ways. 
Her sister Andrée, who already told her about this place was more than right; yes this was perfection in so many levels! If you have a passion for food, there is so much to discover! 
But when Francine was looking for more wine options than the 3 different Chilean wines that where available at the `abbarotes` it wasn`t that easy. 
Wouldn`t this paradise be even better if it could be paired with a wide variety of good wines? 
Wouldn`t it be fair to the amazing Oaxacan food if it could be enjoyed with something that suits this exceptional cuisine?
That all seemed so obvious at the time, yet it wasn’t happening as far as we could tell.
So we set to work. We were able to find a beautiful little location in the centre of San Agustinillo.

In only three months and with the help of friends, family and wine experts we changed the old surf shop `ola verde` into the wine shop `Agustivino`!

From the lower price category to the higher: our assortment is suitable for everyone!

All our wines are stored in a climate-controlled wine cellar.

If we don’t have it, we’ll do our best to find it.

Why not include a visit to Agustivino on your next visit to the beautiful coast of Oaxaca!